The Cheesecake Lady - Fundraising - Lawrence, NJ
The Cheesecake Lady - Cheesecake?  Yes Please!
Our fundraising opportunity makes your local organization's fundraising both profitable and easy.

  • Our fundraising-sized cheesecakes use the exact same recipes we use for our normal cheesecakes (ingredients are not replaced with inferior options).
  • The fundraiser cheesecakes are a 7-inch cheesecake, frozen, shrink-wrapped, and individually boxed.

  • Your will have 3 flavors + the Classic (Plain) + the Box of Bites, for a total of 5 options available.

  • We will make up your groups' order forms with the varieties, their description, and a picture.
  • We will help you set the order due date and pick-up date.
  • No hauling cheesecakes around and delivering products.
  • Your customers can pick up their orders right here in our shop. 
  • You will collect $15 - $17 per cheesecake (depending on the variety) and $22 for a box of bites.
  • Your organization will keep $5 per item sold.
  • Success! A 25-member organization can easily make $500 if each member sells only 4 cheesecakes!
Call us now at (609) 667 - 4500
A limited number of fundraising slots are available and these quickly fill up during the holidays. Be sure to call and reserve your slot as early as possible!

Large Orders & Corporate Gifts
To discuss a large order for your corporation or event, please give us a call at (609) 667 - 4500.
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